A big chance to win special prizes on Roy Richie Sports Booking: 20,000 Euros in prizes.
I was asked to design a concept for this promotion, a landing page and minor relative web ads.
I would invite to join this and  other sports betting promotions at royrichie.com
Roy Richie's helicopter delivering prizes for his users
My idea it was to illustrate an helicopter that delivers a big box, which represents the 20,000 prizes.
As a specialist of digital retouching, I have realized this concept in a realistic dynamic movie style. In other words I've realized a composit and then I've added some effects to the scene. I had in mind one of those action films with soldiers and special agents. Let's say that films with Steven Segal was my inspiration for this project :)
Images used
Some tests
Below, the landing page for this promotion
Thank you for your time.
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